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About us

We are a contemporary accounting company whose business is to provide accounting services to various small and medium businesses which operate in different fields.

Our employees are highly qualified specialists whose competence is confirmed by GSC certificate

Our goal

we exist in order for our clients to do business more faster and easier, we take all the paper routine to ourselves.

Relationship with clients

individually and taking care of each of you

Attitude towards work

there are no problems, there are only tasks that can be solved by work

Our work principles

responsibility, timely fashion, quality, confidentiality

Our motto

enjoy the success – we will do all the rest!

Our responsibility

by using LudBerks Finance Ltd. services, your company will not have to pay for an accountant’s mistakes, losses would be covered by the insurance company where our responsibility is insured.

What are the advantages between signing a contract with an outsourcing accounting and employing a staff accountant?

By signing a contract with us, you will not have to buy for accounting several things:

  • computer with an appropriate software;
  • Accounting programs and updates;
  • Technical equipment and inventory;
  • Accounting and tax legislation books and magazines;
  • Stationery for accounting;


  • Our monthly fee is much lower than an accountant’s salary;
  • You would not have to pay accountant’s social payment;
  • You would not have to pay for raising of qualification of your accountant due to regular changes in tax legislation;
  • You would not have to equip a working station for an accountant;
  • You would not have to pay for yearly vocation of an accountant;

But the main advantage while working with us is the responsibility which is stipulated in our cooperation contract. By using LudBerks Finance Ltd. services, your company will not have to pay for an accountant’s mistakes, losses would be covered by the insurance company where our responsibility is insured

Our services

We offer full cycle accounting services, starting with a first-time document processing and ending with drafting and submission of all necessary reports, we also administer respective records management (draw up contracts, orders, methodology etc.);

In the name of our client we are responsible for keeping a contact with State Revenue service and other institutions. We don’t leave no call or message unanswered;

We go deep into the details of our client’s business, make sure that the first-time documents are drawn up correctly and according to activity, together we discuss a business plan calculation, consult in tax issues.

How it works

When an accounting contract is signed:

In the beginning of each month we accept first-time documents which contain information about your company’s operations during the previous month (bills, invoices, bank statements, receipts) via e-mail, in person or via messenger;

We process documents, input them in the data base, separate them and arrange them into files. We ask you to share the subtleties of your business, clarify the details of deals, check the existence of documents and their conformity;

We compose and submit all necessary reports for State Revenue service and other institutions;

We send you an e-mail with an important information about payable taxes, salaries, review of debtors/creditors, financial result of your company’s operations. The parameters of submitted information are stipulated with each client individually;

By the end of each month or report period) we send you a bill of our services, which needs to be payed till the next report period.

Then the new report period begins, and everything starts again, we continue our work;

Also, possibly, while closing a deal you have some questions about drawing up documents, possible risks, results. Then feel free to contact us and take a consultation. All advises are included in our service package and are free of charge. We are always happy to help you!

How much does it cost

For small businesses, especially during the stage of company’s growth, the question of cost of accounting services is always topical and very important.

Mainly, the cost of accounting services depends on the time spent on work, which is influenced by the amount of processed documents, the number of employees, the number of submitted reports, the form of operation of the company, the complexity of company’s deals.

That’s why the fee of accounting services most frequently is set for each client individually.

For your information we provide some examples of calculations of accounting services:

  • Startup

    from 35 EUR/month

    newly founded company

  • Company 3

    100 EUR/month

    3 employees
    80 accounting transactions
    non VAT payer

  • Company 5

    120 EUR/month

    5 employees
    100 accounting transactions

  • Company 7

    210 EUR/month

    7 employees
    200 accounting transactions
    НVAT payer

  • «Sleeping company »

    200-235 EUR/year

    empty reports and the Annual Report

  • Individual


Please note that these services are already included in our service package:

  • full-cycle accounting service,
  • records management (contracts, orders, statements),
  • accounting and tax consultations.

For additional fee:

Drafting up the Annual Report of the company – average monthly service fee, not less than 100 EUR.

Operational drafting of balance sheet (for submission to a bank or other institution) – 30 EUR

Registration of company, registration of different changes into Business Register, liquidation of a company and other services – by agreement.

While signing a contract, we coordinate with client the calculation algorithm of fee of accounting services for a growing company or fixed fee with settled company. For example, we can determine the fee based on the number of point of sales for a trade company . We will always find the most ultimate and mutually beneficial price solution for each of our clients!

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us, and we will provide you with an individual price offer for your company.

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"LudBerks Finance" Ltd., Reg. Nr.40103482916

Legal address: Ilukstes str 32-43, Riga, Latvia LV-1082

Phone 67790430; mob. phone 29533240

Our office in Riga, Ilukstes str 32-43.


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